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hvoss (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service)

hvoss Strategy 2017 - 2022

The hvoss board has recently developed and approved a new strategy for 2017 - 2022.

The new plan acknowledges the continuing need of hvoss members and the wider Voluntary and

Community Sector for infrastructure support. In the next five years our primary strategic objectives will be to:- 

1. Build the capacity of third sector organisations and provide them with the necessary support, information and services to enable them to pursue any charitable purpose.

2. Promote, organise and facilitate co-operation and partnership working between third sector, statutory and other relevant bodies in achieving the above objective.

Working mainly, but not exclusively across Herefordshire, hvoss will continue to provide specialist support for:-

  • Young people aged 8 – 25 and the organisations that work with, and support them.

  • Volunteering services benefiting individuals and organisations that involve them.

The hvoss Board has also agreed a set of principle and values to guide the organisations future work:-

  • Only deliver projects that are self-funding and contribute to our objectives

  • Active governance, utilising trustee specialist skills, knowledge, and capacity

  • Member and needs led with a clear understanding of the local community

  • Flexible, nimble and responsive to a changing operating environment

  • Model employer for volunteers, staff and experts/associates

  • Diversify the funding base, reducing reliance on one project for our future sustainability

  • Aspire to deliver a range of capacity building support services

  • Openness to future collaboration and new ways of delivery to support key areas of work.

The form the organisation will need to take to deliver our new approach includes : -

  • A smaller central support function comprising CEO (strategy) and office services

  • Traded activities to increase central funding (initially Community Transport– Note: the Social Care element should not seek to generate surpluses given its volunteering model).

  • A network of expert associates, whom hvoss commissions to develop and delivery specific services as funding allows.

  • A central, integrated base in Hereford. 

A reduced staff team concentrating on priority activities, but with the capacity to react to other initiatives as determined by the Board.

Work has already started on implementing the new structure to support these plans.

Updates on progress will be provided at the next round of hvoss member interest groups.