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Youth Outreach

Youth Outreach is designed to reach children and young people in communities especially where there are little or no services or facilities to help build the capacity of those communities to provide positive activities for young people. Instructors deliver a variety of children and young people’s activities for an agreed period to include play activity, sports, games, team building exercises, communication and media activities. We engage the adult community to support them in facilitating the activities and encouraging them to work with the young people on developing and improving local facilities and opportunities. They bring together all stakeholders, adults and young people, organisations, associations and local councils, to secure, develop or organise some local facility, activity or opportunity to improve and develop the most appropriate sustainable facility to benefit that community.

Training is also delivered for adults, young leaders and creates reresentative structures.

Current work is supporting groups at Leominster, Barons Cross, Leintwardine, Kington, Bromyard, Saxon Gate and South Wye.

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"The Youth Club gives us somewhere to go to meet our mates, we would only be on the street causing trouble otherwise". JS.



Bomb Disposal

“We need to feel like we are included in this community and that people recognise that just because we are young doesn’t mean to say we aren’t as important as other people” Young person aged 12, Leominster.


MYLO At Leintwardine

"The local policing team have noted a reduction in phone calls regarding anti social behaviour and the benefits of Youth Outreach is clear to see." Sgt A Scott West Mercia Police.

Space Hopper Racing

Will Edwards

Youth Development Officer

T: 01432 343932