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08 Mar 2017

Hereford City Community Group Achievement Awards

Hereford City Community Group Achievement Awards

Nominate a community group within the City of Hereford that deserves recognition for a project they have delivered within your community.

The aim of the awards is:

  1. To recognise community groups within the City of Hereford for a specific project they have delivered within their area.
  2. To show others within the community what can be achieved.
  3. To celebrate those who have made a real difference within the community where they live.
  4. To promote the City Council’s Community Funding Scheme and other help and support that is available to groups within the City to make things happen.
  5. To publicly recognise Community Groups and what they have achieved.
  6. To provide an ideal venue and platform to enable groups to network and swop ideas and learn from each other.
  7. To encourage Members of the community to attend the Annual Parish Meeting

The awards are not just about groups Hereford City Council has awarded funding to, it’s about all the community and volunteer groups within the City of Hereford, who deliver projects and events to improve the lives of others and the environment within the City of Hereford. The Hereford City Community Group Achievement Award is designed to raise the profile of these groups and recognise the valuable work they do within their communities.

Whilst there are well recognised community groups who are making a huge difference within the areas they live enabling better facilities for the community to use, improving the environment, improving community spirit and pride and the capacity for local communities to engage in physical activity, there are many other groups who work quietly in the background that we are not aware of and a submitted nomination will bring recognition for the work they do.

Sometimes it is hard for a community group to know where to start with a large project which the community have shown they clearly want. The awards evening is an opportunity to network with other groups and find out how they went forward with a specific project that another group is about to embark on, learn from good examples and possible pitfalls and share ideas. It is also an opportunity to find out about funding opportunities and community support that is available from different organisations, both locally and nationally.

Hereford City Council developed this initiative and engaged with some very valuable support partners to deliver these awards. The support partners are as follows:-

  • Sunshine Radio
  • Hereford in Bloom
  • Cargill
  • Tesco
  • Asda
  • Natwest
  • Hereford Times

The criteria:

  • The project must have taken place within the City of Hereford Parish Boundaries.
  • The project must be of benefit to the residents within the Parish of the City of Hereford.
  • The project must also cover 1 or more of the following:
– Improving the look and feel of the city – investing in local neighbourhoods as well as the City Centre.
– Improving the cultural life of the city and the connection that people have with their heritage.
– Improving the capacity of local communities to do things for themselves – supporting local groups and investing in community facilities.
– Improving the sustainability of the City – including encouraging activities that will reduce the carbon footprint of the city.
– Enabling inclusion for hard to reach groups.
– Improved community spirit/pride.
– Improving the capacity of local communities to engage in physical activity.




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