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hvoss (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service)

Why join hvoss as a Member?

Membership Benefits

Our aim is to lead the delivery of voluntary and community sector support services to meet the needs of volunteers, local groups, organisations and charities across the county and with your support we will continue to do this.

During the year we have continued to: - 

  • Provide advice, information and support to the local third sector.
  • Promote, organise and facilitate co-operation and partnership work between the third sector and statutory sector, private sector and other relevant bodies.

It was another busy year! We assisted hundreds of local organisations with training needs, information, networking opportunities, development and specialist advice.

We helped individuals who were interested in volunteering explore how their skills might support hundreds of organisations doing amazing charitable work across Herefordshire. Working with Herefordshire Council, we dealt with over 350 funding enquiries, helping local charitable activities access around £1.8m of funding. 

We co-ordinated member Interests Groups around health and social care, children and young people, also organising briefing sessions and workshops on key topics.

We ran 20 community events in 7 localities and offered 170 youth sessions to ensure vital services to rural areas and our market towns. We kept our membership of 112 organisations and a wider network of 1,000 contacts up to date with regular e-bulletins and communications.

We also continue to play an active role in championing the role of members and the needs of the sector with policy and decision makers locally, regionally and nationally, investing in existing and new partnerships in order to grow services offered. We were pleased to see new developments flourish in relation to Herefordshire Healthwatch, Police and Crime Commissioner West Mercia and Marches Talent Match.

We are extremely grateful to all our 150+ volunteers who supported our activities during the year. They contributed nearly 36,000 hours in total, and were of huge benefit to the local community. 

Benefits of membership are many!

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We are pleased to advise that we will not be increasing membership fees in 2019.  The membership fee structure, which is based on the income of your organisation/group, is listed below:


Annual fee


£0 – £20,000/ no paid staff



£20,001 - £50,000



£50,001 - £100,000



£100,001 - £500,000



£500,001 - £1,000,000



£1,000,001 +



Individual membership




We very much look forward to working with you in the future. 

If you have any queries with regard to hvoss membership, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Will Lindesay on or call 01432 343932.