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09 Jun 2022

Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown

Heavy is the head that wears the Crown

Heavy is the Head that wears the crown is a young people’s creative response project to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee led by artist Toni Cook. Working with young people from a range of organisations the project explores young people’s attitudes to responsibility through creative methods including poetry, portrait and statements, drama and visual art. The work is celebrated through community lunches and afternoon teas with older people, empty shop window takeover exhibition and culminates in a performance and exhibition at Ledbury Poetry Festival on 12 July.

The project has worked with pupils from Aconbury Pupil Referral Unit, young people from Close House Project, The Cracked Slipper Company, Hope Support Services, Hereford City Youth Council, SENDIASS and John Masefield High School. The project is supported by Ledbury Poetry Festival and Close House.

Heavy Is the Head that Wears the Crown is a Jubilee project funded by Arts Council Let's Create Jubilee Fund administered by Herefordshire Community Foundation.

Young people from a number of organisations in Herefordshire have taken over shop windows in Hereford's Maylord Centre to showcase their artistic abilities. As part of a Jubilee funded project, young people from Close House, The Cracked Slipper Company, Hope Support Services, Hereford City Youth Council, The Aconbury Centre and SENDIASS have been working with artists Toni Cook, Dermot Clark, Jamie Hutton, Esther Pandeli and Levi Cooke to explore their unique responses to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Titled "Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown" the project has given young people the opportunity to explore their ideas of responsibility through poetry, drama, visual art and photography.

Maylords have kindly supported the project by offering shop window space to turn part of the centre into a temporary gallery.  The exhibition covers the former Laura Ashley building, the Powerhouse building and number 7 Gomond Street and is on display now until mid July.

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