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11 May 2021

The Big Sleep In 2021 - Get some kip and support The Cart Shed

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What is The Big Sleep In?

We all know a good night's sleep is good for our mental health so throughout May The Cart Shed is asking you to get some kip and help us raise money to support young people and adults in Herefordshire suffering with their mental health.

How to get involved:

Find somewhere fun and exciting to sleep for a night this May

Visit our Virgin Donate Fundraising page (

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you

Follow us on Facebook @thecartshedherefordshire for imaginative ideas for places to sleep and tips to get a great night's sleep

Share your photos online using #TheBigSleepIn

Most importantly get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling great knowing you’ve helped us and your own mental health!

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Where could you sleep?

It's up to you! During May half-term you could:

Pitch a tent

Build a den

Hold a virtual sleep over

Sleep in your school clothes or fancy dress

Maybe even have a nap in the bath or your dog’s bed!

Make sure you are safe and that someone knows where you are and what you are planning.


For more information about The Big Sleep In or the work The Cart Shed do please contact: 01544 318231 /

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