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hvoss (Herefordshire Voluntary Organisations Support Service)

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hvoss is your local voluntary and community sector support service..

hvoss provides information, guidance and support to volunteers, charities, voluntary and community groups in Herefordshire. All these organisations deliver public benefit and are not for profit. We are locally accountable to them through their membership of hvoss. We develop constructive commissioning arrangements and partnership working between our members and others seeking to positively support community life in the county.  

With your support we can continue to provide a range of support services, training, events and networking opportunities to meet your needs and to build cooperation and partnerships between our members and statutory bodies.

We believe in ...

Volunteering – Championing the vital and unique contribution made by volunteers in the county.

Independence - Voluntary organisations are distinctive, trusted and tackle problems independent of the state.

Membership – Driven by member needs. Involving members, frontline organisations and networks in all we do.

Collaboration – Working collectively to represent diverse interests & views.

Innovation and creativity – A belief that community and voluntary action provides solutions to many challenges we face.

Equality and diversity - Promoting the needs of under-represented or disadvantaged groups, including ‘quieter voices’ in the community.

Meeting needs – Identifying gaps in services and supporting collaborative delivery.

 If you share these values - please consider joining us a member...

From April 2021 to March 2023, membership is FREE...

Membership of hvoss is free and open to any individual or organisation interested in promoting the objects of hvoss. We recognize that in these difficult times for our sector, a free opportunity to be part of a supportive community is crucial to thriving services and activities. If you are able and value the work we do, we welcome voluntary donations.

As an hvoss member you will be able to access benefits, resources and specialist knowledge that will support you, your organisation, charity, or group to achieve your own aims and ambitions in Herefordshire. A full list of benefits, including generous offers and discounts from partners will be listed here soon!

3 Brilliant Reasons

We do hope you will want to join hvoss and support us in our vision of a vibrant and active local voluntary and community sector for Herefordshire.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at or call 01432 343932.

Details on how to apply will be listed here SOON!

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