Give a little to make a big change

hvoss helps organisations and volunteers find each other. We match both individuals and groups interested in volunteering with appropriate opportunities in the local community.

To register as a volunteer, join our team of hart (hvoss active response team) volunteers and browse opportunities across the county, please

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What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is a powerful tool for change, both for those who volunteer and for the wider community. It builds, supports and sustains communities and individuals, making a huge difference to all levels of society.

It is described as an activity that involves spending time, without payment, doing something that aims to benefit individuals (other than close relatives), groups or the environment.

If you are a charity, voluntary, community group or not for profit enterprise and need volunteers then we’ll help you to find the people that you need. If you’re someone that’s looking to give your time, we can help you find the perfect role.

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Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering, or Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) as it’s also known, is on the rise, with an estimated 11 million people in the UK given time off by their employers to volunteer each year.

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